At The Bag Broker ME, we strive to provide you, the customer, the
best service possible. To facilitate your purchase, we offer a range of
purchase methods. 

Firstly, if you contact our Dubai office
(by phone, or email), our staff will be glad to take your order, arrange
payment, and process the order and delivery through the website. 

Alternatively, you may enter your order yourself on the website. When
entering the order, you will have an option to pay by email or
PayPal/credit card. If you choose email, then our staff will contact you
to arrange payment. If you choose PayPal/credit card, then you may
complete the payment for the order yourself quickly and safely. Our
staff will then arrange immediate shipment.

By Credit or Debit Card

Using Your Credit or Debit Card to Purchase Products:

You can use a credit or debit card to easily make purchases on our website during the checkout process.