Food packaging

Our stock food packaging bags are suitable for a wide range of products. Bags with windows, bags with transparent sides, bags with high barriers, recyclable bags and compostable bags.

We have stock products suitable for:

  • Pet food and treats
  • Specialty food and natural products such as jerky packaging, candy and snacks
  • Popcorn, nuts and dried fruit
  • Baking powders and baking products
  •  Agricultural products such as fertilizers
  • Personal care products

If you’re looking to package other products just let us know. Our expert team can help to find the right packaging for your product.

Your food packaging is important and we aim to provide the very best quality in all our stock or custom printed products.

Chips packaging – the food packaging for chips must have a gas barrier function. Usually, chips bags are filled with nitrogen that replaces the oxygen. The nitrogen will preserve the quality of your chips and enhance the taste without affecting the crispness or flavor. We have several stock options for chips packaging and we also produce customised film rolls for form fill and seal machines.

Dried fruit packaging – this is a snack processed by an air-drying process. The packaging for dried fruit must protect the product from moisture and air that would compromise the quality of the product. Normally this packaging is using aluminium foil which has a very good barrier performance.

Pet food packaging. Shoppers have shown they are willing to pay more for sustainable packaging and convenience features like handles and zippers when it comes to pet food packaging. When they buy the best treats or food for their pets, they don’t want it to get stale really fast after opening the bag. Some of our customers prefer bags with windows to showcase the shape of the treats or food while others opt for a higher aluminium barrier which will keep the product fresh for a longer period. More pet owners take their pets’ wellness very seriously and this means they are willing to invest more in their pets’ food. There is a wave of new pet specialty food hitting the shelves of premium pet retails. As we are using better, higher quality ingredients, we want those ingredients to keep being fresh and tasty for longer times.