What are Drip Coffee Bags?

Are you a coffee lover, and you want to divert your energy into your passion? You’ve realized that most coffee concepts are the same and you want to stand out?

Introducing a concept that’s been around for decades, but its time has come – Drip Coffee Bags. They were first created in Japan in the 1990s. They are small pouches of ground coffee placed inside folded paper stands suspended over cups when ready to be used.

Each of the bags is small and flat before you fill them with coffee. They weigh no more than 11 grams each, making them convenient for storage. They each have soft but strong filters that can withstand abrupt movements during delivery from the source to you or your customers.

There is this distinctive appeal and advantage of drip coffee bags which lies in the fact that they are simple to use. When people brew a cup of coffee, all they have to do is open the pouch of one of the drip coffee bags and remove the filter bag. They tear off the top and shake to level up the coffee inside.

Each hard paper handle is then placed over the sides of a cup, and they simply pour hot water slowly over the grounds, which are inside the filter bag. The whole product is then discarded after being used.
As you can see, drip coffee bags make use of the pour-over brewing method. You can brew yourself a perfect cup of drip coffee in a minute without the need for a coffee maker or a French press. Just hot water, a cup, and one drip coffee bag, and you have one fantastic coffee moment.

As a business, it’s great for your customers who are coffee lovers but always busy. They could take it out anywhere they go, then brew it in the office or at a project site. It’s also great for your marketing efforts for your coffee business when it comes to product samples. You just put in a few grams of your new coffee variant in each bag, give out samples, then you’re going to capture new customers who would like your new product launch.

Drip coffee bags are now found in many places. In the convenience stores and the supermarket, at coffee shops and as giveaways at conventions. They can be purchased ready to use or yet to be filled at home with tiny grams of your choice coffee variant.


When you get down to numbers, the quantity of caffeine is greater in a single cup sourced from a drip coffee bag. It has about 120 milligrams of caffeine in a 12-ounce cup against only 80 milligrams of caffeine in a 2-ounce double Espresso shot.
Likewise, iced coffee sourced from drip coffee bags is also stronger then coffee maker brewed counterparts. Iced drip coffee has a higher ratio of coffee to water (about 2 and 1/2 times more).

They come in handy for people who don’t have coffee makers at the moment or in whatever place they are in. Also, real coffee lovers will not settle for instant coffee or the 3 in 1 instant mixes. They would want their quality brewed coffee sourced from any form, but never instant coffee.


A recent study revealed new trends in the international coffee market which could be the gauge of how coffee suppliers can still meet the needs of consumers.

The study determined that consumers expect their coffee products to be easy to access and simple to prepare. So, demand is increasing for other convenient coffee options without sacrificing quality.

There should be no compromise on the quality of coffee despite the threat of the pandemic. Consumers are showing no signs of cutting back on coffee quality that they buy.

On August 2020, another survey discovered that 83 percent of large coffee roasters were already on the level or above Pre pandemic levels in terms of volume. The same research also indicated that people will cut down on cars and designer clothing but not on affordable pleasantries like specialty coffee which offer them instant gratification.

Drip coffee bags also conform to the new rules of hygiene and the encouragement of contactless transactions. Plus the fact that it suits the lifestyle of busy coffee enthusiasts.


At present, specialty coffee roasters have taken notice and have absorbed them into their line of coffee products. Still, finding the right grind size and other materials needed could be a challenging endeavour.

The Bag Broker provides not only the Drip Coffee Filters but also the flat pouches to package them in. Because our customers are always looking for easily customisable options, we offer the flat pouches in the classic Natural Kraft colour and also in the White Kraft. The White Kraft version makes it easy to print low quantities and it works extremely well when you’re looking to distribute samples of a new blend and test the market. 

For coffee roasters, the packaging for drip coffee bags should contain all the information about the product inside. Data like the location where the coffee was grown, the roasting date, the best before date, and the roasting profile to let buyers know what are the flavors and texture to expect from the coffee

While selling drip coffee bags, also offer coffee in 500 grams or 1kilo pouches for people who have the time to brew their coffee in their coffee makers. These people will also be buying drip coffee bags for their busy moments.

Leave no stone unturned in making your drip coffee bags business a successful venture. Work with a proven packaging expert with an eco friendly orientation and at the same time, have the creativity to make the packaging both appealing visually and also informative.

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