The most popular uses for stand up pouches

Getting the right packaging can be crucial to the success of a product. Packaging affects not only the look and feel of the product on the shelf, but can have implication from the perspective of weight, transportation, shelf-life and even marketing.

Stand up pouches have been growing in popularity in terms of packaging for a number of years and they are now commonly seen everywhere from supermarkets and health food shops to independent stores and local markets.

Highly versatile and offering a number of excellent customisation options, it is easy to understand why the rise of stand up pouches has been so meteoric. Whether your products are eco-friendly or just looking to make the right impression, these can be a great choice.

Commonly Seen In Food & Cosmetics

While stand up pouches have a wide range of uses across many industries, it is in packaging from the food & drinks and cosmetics sectors that they are most commonly seen. Holistic medicines and beauty products are often stored in stand up pouches due to their long shelf-life possibilities, but it is undoubtedly food & drink where we see stand up pouches most often.

Some of the most common uses of stand up pouches in food and drink include ground coffee and loose lea tea as well as juices, sweets, snacks, baby food and much more.

Types Of Stand Up Pouch

There are a range of different types of stand up pouch available and these are used depending on what you want to get out of the product. The standard style of stand pouch has a simple zip at the top and is ideal for any kind of packaging where you want specific customised packaging that won’t be affected by any other visual element.

Another popular type of stand up pouch has a valve – this allows the release of gasses that are emitted by the product. It is especially used in packaging for coffee – as roasted coffee gives off gasses that can cause packaging to expand and eventually burst. There are also stand up pouches available with ‘windows’ or transparent sections that allow customers to see the product in the bag.

If you are interested in learning more about stand up pouches and how they can be used to package your product, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with the team at The Bag Broker today. 

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