How to make your coffee stand out

As a specialty coffee roaster, you may think that having a high-quality product is enough to make it attractive to consumers. However, in such a saturated market, this can be difficult. Instead, specialty coffee roasters must ensure their packaging is doing everything it can to catch the eye of coffee lovers. Not only should it jump off the shelf, but also should reflect your brand and provide enough information so people know what’s on offer and want to buy it!

For your coffee packaging to stand out on the shelf, you need to look at your competition before making decisions on your design. There are some go-to colours for coffee packaging and you can read more about colours in our article about coffee design inspiration – colours.
To stand out you might want to use something different.
The Bag Broker offers a full range of custom printed packaging to help make your product stand out. We offer a wide range of colours and materials from stock three-layer bags to recyclable and true bio bags to help you define your brand and stand out from your competition.

Who are your customers?

Although consumer interest in the specialty coffee sector has grown in recent years, there’s still a lot of room to explore; people who love coffee want more and more information.
If your customers are already well informed, you can just include the most relevant information on your packaging. However, if you are targeting first-time buyers it’s important to provide more information on the packaging. Such information can include process, origin, batch and instructions for the brewing process.

Build your brand

You want your customers to recognise your brand, recognise your colours, your logo and your illustrations. Most of the marketing material will work towards this and has to be consistent whether is the coffee packaging, the colours inside your caffè, your cups etc.
The seasonal coffee trend is popular. Having one design for the whole year is all well and good, but let’s mix things up a little by changing it now and then. You may even consider switching designs now and then to draw attention to your coffee products. By making use of specific themes that are related to certain seasons or holidays, you can create an atmosphere that fits the mood you want customers to have each time they visit your shop.

Use images!

A picture is worth a thousand words, and that’s the very reason your coffee packaging needs to draw attention right away. People are finicky when it comes to what coffee they buy, so you’ll have little time to catch their eye. Before you know it they’ll walk away or move onto another competitor! You need something on your packaging that will grab your potential customers’ attention immediately, captivating them with an image of the kind of rich taste they can expect after taking a sip! We don’t mean to diminish the importance of words; rather we’re singling out powerful imagery as the most crucial component that’s likely to play on prospective customers’ subconscious desires.

As a roaster of coffee, you only have a few moments to make an impression on potential customers. As such, it’s important to dedicate time and resources to choosing packaging that grabs consumers’ heads and makes them go “Wow!” And make sure the presentation accurately reflects what they’ll find inside. It also helps to create a consistent brand identity across a range of products that allows customers to instantly spot your brand when browsing the shelves at their local grocery store or marketplace.

At The Bag Broker, we can get you the right packaging for your specialty coffee. We have a large variety of materials in stock, and we also offer custom printing. Additionally, we offer a wide range of recyclable and biodegradable materials.
Contact us for more information or fill the form to get a free quote for your custom printed packaging.

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